3D CT ScansWhat are 3D CT Scans?

You’re probably wondering what a Cone Beam CBCT is. They are scanners that are smaller-sized machines compared to the regular CT scanners that are normally available at hospitals & other major diagnostic scanning centers. CBCT scanners are mostly available at the various health facilities such as clinics, hospital, and dentists. We utilize these same CBCT scanners to aid us in our in our quest to give you the best smile possible through various means.

The CBCT scanner can be positioned in various ways to achieve great scans while you are seated or standing as well as being handicapped accessible. Once the scanning starts, the “arm” or the part that contains the x-ray source, slowly rotates around your head. While the arm is rotating, it captures multiple images of your head from different angles. These images are then reconstructed to create a 3D image of your internal anatomy.

Much Faster and Lower Radiation

When using this awesome CBCT scanner, the normal X-ray radiation exposure to the patient is significantly less than its big brother counterpart. The CBCT is usually done scanning on an average of about 14 seconds compared to the big brother counterpart which takes a few minutes to do. The CBCT is also cheaper than the conventional CT scanner. A CBCT scanner is very important especially in the beginning phase of the dental implants procedure due to many factors:

  • The need to visualize the anatomic structures that can’t be detected externally.

  • The CBCT scanned information can be sent electronically to a lab where a surgical guide can be fabricated.

  • To decide if there’s a need to do any bone grafting procedure

  • Simulate the implant surgery on the computer prior to the actual procedure.

  • Help to avoid the implants from touching critical structures in the mouth such as nerves, teeth roots, previous implants, the sinus, and nose.

In addition to implant placement, CBCT scanners can be used for:

  • Study TMJ Treatment

  • Sleep Apnea Study
  • Screening for Cancer
  • The positions of a patient’s wisdom teeth prior to extraction procedure.
  • Complex cases of Root Canal Treatment as well as some orthodontic treatments

3D CT Scans in Lake Mary FL

Before your procedure, we will request patients to remove any jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, piercings, and eyeglasses for safety precautions. Failure to do so could also result in the scan’s reading being inaccurate. If you have any dentures, we ask that you remove them prior to the scan. We will be placing a special pre-fabricated guide to make the scan as accurate as possible.

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