bridge implantsA bridge implant is one of the options for replacing a missing teeth, and depending on your situation we may recommend this type of dental implant treatment during your initial consultation.

Getting a bridge implant

A bridge implant is fitted to the patient’s mouth so that it matches perfectly to its’ surrounding teeth. Your first visit will include a consultation and 3D CT Scan before we discuss your options. When we perform the surgery, an appropriate number of dental implants will be placed; usually two, but that is dependent on how many teeth are being supported. After the dental implants have been put in their proper place, we will then either attach a temporary bridge that is not removable or give you a removable partial. Our patients can choose what kind of temporary they receive prior to surgery.

bridge implantsThe benefits of getting bridge implants

It’s pretty common for people who are missing teeth to stay in that situation for years, decades, or even their entire life. Getting an implant bridge can have some huge benefits, even if you can’t see it right away. It’s also not uncommon to assume that bridges are a purely cosmetic feature in the mouth and don’t offer anything aside from an improved smile and a little boost to your confident but this is false.

Reasons that you may want to get an implant bridge includes but is not limited to:

  • An implant bridge helps to keep your remaining teeth in place so they don’t shift around and become likely to fall out.
  • Giving you a full set of teeth makes chewing and eating a whole lot easier.
  • A bridge also reduces the look of deflated cheeks and jawlines that are uneven, which does wonders for your appearance.

Bridge Implants by Dr. Zaman

Implants are definitely a long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. As long as they are properly maintained, bridge implants can give you years of use and comfort. New techniques are coming out frequently for installing and securing bridge implants. Still have questions about bridge implants and your options? Don’t risk further damaging your remaining teeth by failing to act.

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