Gentle Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is usually needed when there is no other way to save or restore the patient’s damaged tooth. The tooth is removed from its socket to relieve pain brought about by infection or tooth decay.

An extraction of the tooth is also recommended when the tooth is impacted or not in the correct position, which causes further dental problems such as periodontal or gum disease.

Another reason for a tooth extraction is to make more room in the mouth before having your teeth straightened and getting an orthodontic treatment.

Some patients prefer an extraction as a less expensive alternative to a tooth colored filling, a dental crown, or a root canal treatment.

Get fast and gentle treatment

After a dental exam, your trusted Florida Dentist, Dr. Zaman performs a relatively painless tooth extraction with local anesthesia if your tooth appears to be exposed and can easily removed in one piece. The tooth is gently loosened to widen the space in the bone and break the tiny elastic fibers that attach your tooth to the bone. Once your tooth is separated from the bone, it will be lifted and removed with forceps.

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