why dental implantsThough dental implants are just one of the solutions available when you have a tooth missing, implants offer several benefits to you whether the operation is for a single missing tooth that needs replacement or having to replace your entire mouth with new teeth implants.

A few reasons why dental implants might be your best choice:

  • Dental implants are strong & sturdy – implants won’t shift around in your mouth or become dislodged like dentures.
  • Daily activities become more pleasurable and satisfying – unlike dentures, you won’t worry about your implants getting dislodged from your mouth.
  • Dental implants are made in replication of real teeth – implants are made to feel like real teeth in your mouth, making you forget that they are even there.

Patients who end up getting dentures instead of dental implants often find the dentures becoming a constant source of displeasure for them. In addition to a lack of shifting and the strange feel of dentures, dental implants may also offer a more comfortable experience than dentures or removable bridges. It’s comforting knowing you can go to sleep without having to take the time to remove your dentures each night.

People who lose teeth may experience shrinkage of the jawbone, and dental implants can help prevent this shrinkage from occurring thus improving the appearance of various facial features, such as the jawline and cheekbones. Another benefit is that dental implants will last a lifetime, so the initial investment in the implants will be more affordable in the long haul without the need for further replacements. As long as the implants are taken care of, they’re virtually a worry-free option for replacing teeth.

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