Custom Dentures

Experts in Traditional Dentures

Some patients may prefer or require standard dentures. Dr. Zaman can design and fit beautiful-looking dentures that don’t slip! A custom fit keeps you from worrying about the foods you’re eating or that your dentures might loosen while you’re talking.


What Are “Traditional” Dentures?

This describes what most people think of when they hear “dentures.” They are a full set of replacement teeth that can be placed in your mouth, and then removed, without any kind of anchor (like a dental implant). A partial denture can be clipped on to existing teeth and fill the space left by missing natural teeth. Other options include overdentures, where dentures snap on to implants placed in the jawbone; bridges, which use crowns to hold the replacements in place for a couple of missing teeth; and dental implants, which can permanently replace one tooth or many.

My mother had such a great experience getting her dentures I brought my whole family for cleanings and checkups. Very affordable they take every insurance and there’s hardly a wait…I’m so blessed to have found them.
—Jeanete Swanson


Why Custom Dentures?

Sometimes dentures don’t look like they belong with the person’s face, Or they make a lot of noise and movement when the person talks. That means they are probably wearing economy dentures. These are made cheaply and can do the job, but not well. They can cause soreness and embarrassment and do nothing to keep the mouth healthy over time. As jawbone diminishes, they fit more and more poorly. They wear out faster, too, which sometimes makes them less affordable than they seem.

Custom dentures are designed to fit so well that natural suction holds them in place. They suit your facial structures so you maintain your “look” instead of appearing older and sunken. When they fit right, no adhesive is necessary! They’re also more comfortable. Dr. Zaman has 3 years of academic education beyond dental school to make dentures. We use high-quality materials to make your dentures in our on-site lab. People won’t even know you’re wearing dentures unless you take them out and show them.

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